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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any hidden roaming or long distance charges?

2. Are there any activation or services fees?

3. How is your service different from AT_T, T-MOBILE or other U.S. prepaid phones?

4. Does your service work inside Canada?

5. Which network does Telgo use?

6. Do I get my own U.S. phone number?

7. How long do I get to keep my U.S. phone number?

8. How do I buy TalkTime?

9. How do I pay if I dont have a credit card?

10. Can I extend my activation?

11. Can I pause my activation and use unused days at a later time?

12. Can I send and receive SMS (text messages) from my Telgo Phone?

13. Do I have voicemail, call waiting and caller-id?

14. How do people know how to reach me on my Telgo phone number?

15. Can I use my own phone?

16. How do I know if my phone is unlocked?

17. Is phone unlocking safe/legal?

18. How do I unlock my phone?

19. What happens if I lose my Telgo SIM card?

20. Is Telgo a VOIP service?