- Use Your Own Phone - Never pay roaming again!


Use your own phone

Our SIM card is compatible with any unlocked phone that uses a SIM card (including iPhones 3g/4/4s). 

Need to unlock your phone?

Option 1: As of March 28th, 2013, you can unlock your device over the phone by calling your carrier directly (inlcuding any iPhone 3g/4/4s/5 or Android phone). To reach your carrier's customer support, simply dial 611 from your handset.

Option 2: Have a blackberry? Unlock your blackberry for free at

Option 3: Unlock your phone for as little as $7.99 by visiting


Need a phone?

Our SIM card is compatible with the ALCATEL 356 available at any 7/11 or Petro Canada throughout Canada. You also can order it online from the Petro Canada Webstore. (Make sure to buy your TELGO SIM CARD first!)