- Add Unlimited mobile calling from the US to Canada for only $5 a day - Never pay roaming again!


Unlimited Telgo TalkTime

$5 a Day (CDN$, no taxes)

Once you have completed the one-time SIM registration process and recieved your Telgo phone number, you can add Unlimited TalkTime directly from your phone by dialing 611 every time you travel. Purchase just the amount of days you need and make all the outgoing or incoming calls you want to Canada or within the U.S., all for $5 a day (Canadian Funds, No Tax). Telgo will activate your same U.S. phone number every time travel.


All calls powered by AT_T, the largest GSM network in the U.S.. See our  coverage map by here


Add TalkTime directly from your phone by calling 611 from your Telgo phone